Student Groups

ASG-Sustainability Committee (ASG SusCom):The Sustainability Committee works to research, facilitate, and implement sustainability activities on campus. They aim to provide a unified, legitimate, and consistent voice from the students to the administration. They work closely with other campus groups to promote sustainability through academics, awareness campaigns, and tangible, impactful projects. Contact:

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) at Northwestern is a collegiate chapter of a national, non-profit network that mobilizes engineers through education, training, and practical action, building collaborative partnerships to meet the needs of current and future generations.  They are involved in on-going projects across the globe, including Nicaragua, Panama, and the Phillipines.

Environmental Campus Outreach (ECO) Hillel, operating out of Northwestern's Fieldler Hillel Center, is dedicated to bringing a spiritual and intellectual commitment to improve sustainability on campus. Serving Jewish student communities as well as students of all backgrounds, their main goals are to make Hillel and Northwestern more sustainable.

Fossil Free NU formerly DivestNU is a growing group of students, faculty, staff, and alums working to make a sustainable future for Northwestern. Join this group for updates on events, petitions, news, and conversation!

Green Cup is an annual competition typically held in February between NU dorms, fraternities, and sororities to conserve the most energy over a certain period of time.

GREEN House (Group Residence for Environmental Engagement at Northwestern) is an environmental-themed living community for around 40 students on the University's north campus.

In Our Nature is an online news magazine based at Northwestern University, aims to engage and entertain readers with all aspects of the environment, nature and sustainability.

Northwestern Eco Reps is a student group on the Northwestern - Evanston campus, committed to promoting sustainability and environmental initiatives on campus and beyond. Wbsite:

Northwestern Energy and Sustainability Consortium (NESC), which is part of the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN), is a cross-campus, interdisciplinary student network focused on helping members of the Northwestern community engage with sustainability and energy issues.

Northwestern Energy Technology Group is a graduate student group dedicated to promoting discussion on today's pressing energy technology issues.

NU Real Food (NURF) works to create a student-led movement that engages administrators, faculty, staff, workers, producers, and community members, to enact a shift to a community-based food system built on fair labor practices and food that is humane, local, and ecologically-sound.

Northwestern Tiny House This project was a student collaboration to bring sustainability awareness to the Northwestern community and beyond. What had started as an ambitious class project has now become a passionate mission to inspire future endeavors towards improving sustainable living. The Tiny House Movement is a response to the growing desire of smaller and simpler living spaces for those who feel concerned about the environment and the negative impact of excessive resource consumption.

Northwestern University Solar Car Team (NUsolar): NUsolar is a student-run team which designs, builds, and races completely solar-powered vehicles. Their goals are to promote a greater understanding of sustainable transportation technologies and provide an opportunity for students to gain real-world engineering project experience. NUsolar has built six solar racers throughout it's history and travels across the nation each summer to compete with other university teams in the American Solar Challenge and Formula Sun Grand Prix solar car "rayces." Contact:

NU Sustainable Food Talks  brings stakeholders from all parts of the food system together to share challenges in making our food system sustainable. They develop action points on an individual level and initiatives to be implemented by partnering organizations. Be sure to attend their monthly potlucks and panel discussions. Contact:

Project Wildcat (PWild) Project Wildcat is a pre-orientation backpacking program that facilitates the transition into the Northwestern community for incoming students. PWild has been welcoming students to Northwestern and creating lasting friendships since its founding in 1995. Explore their website to learn more!

Roosevelt Insitute Campus Network members at colleges and universities across the country, together, through communication and coordination with community members and stakeholders, identify pressing issues facing their towns, counties, and states. Taking advantage of the unique resources on their college campuses, they engage in policy research and analysis and connect that research to the policy process. Students have changed policies around predatory lending, established a tax fund in New Haven capable of sending every high-school graduate to college tuition-free, and even included an automatic healthcare enrollment policy in national legislation. 

Sheil Green Team seeks to deepen their understanding of Catholic faith as it relates to their responsibility of being Stewards of Creation. They encourage Sheil staff, students and associates to cherish the Earth by trying new behaviors that express their commitment to this mission. Northwestern students and associates come together to plant organic vegetables for meals at Sheil, while developing a close relationship with the earth. The Garden has over 26 varieties of herbs and vegetables.

Students for Ecological and Environmental Development (SEED) works to improve the state of the environment and to support progressive environmental movements through programming, service, and advocacy at Northwestern.  Their activities include speakers, concerts, weekly service trips to local restoration sites, and on-campus projects related to recycling and energy.  They are also one of the groups responsible for creating the Environmental Policy and Culture Program (EPC) and GREEN House.

Sustainability Working Action Group (SWAG) aims to facilitate collaboration, communicate, and education among Northwestern student groups, faculty, administration, and vendors and to provide a focal point for sustainability efforts on campus.

Wild Roots is a student-directed garden which grows fresh produce for the Northwestern and Evanston communities using sustainable practices.  It strives to inspire students to think critically about the food we eat and by starting conversations about sustainability, social justice, and our food system.