If you are interested in pursuing research on environmental topics at Northwestern, the best places to start are departmental research pages.  There you will find information about ongoing research broken down into different topics and research groups.  Please visit the Fellowships and Internships page for information about undergraduate and graduate research funding.

Research Pages By Department


Check out the Anthropology website to learn more about labs and field schools that support opportunities for student research and a list of past anthropology dissertations.

Biological Sciences:

The Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Index offers information about research labs where undergraduates can work, lists undergraduate research opportunities, provides examples of senior theses, and more.


Through the Chemistry Research Index, you will locate information about centers, institutes, and collaboration, a glossary of chemistry research, key areas of faculty research interest, and research groups.

Chemical and Biological Engineering:

The Chemical and Biological Engineering Research Index includes sections on areas of research excellence and faculty research interests.

Civil and Environmental Engineering:

Visit the Civil and Environmental Engineering Research Index for information about research centers and institutes and key areas of research, including Environmental Engineering and Science and Geotechnics.

Earth and Planetary Sciences:

The Earth and Planetary Sciences Research Index has detailed information about research areas and research facilities that support various fields of research within the department.

Environmental Policy and Culture:

Check out the Environmental Policy and Culture Research Index for ways to get involved with ongoing research as well as their list of undergraduate fellowship opportunities.


The History Research Index includes research links and information about funding for historical research.

Materials Science and Engineering:

The Materials Science Energy Research Index lists specific areas of research related to energy issues.

Political Science:

On the Political Science Research Index, you will learn more about grants and funding as well as research centers and other resources.


The Psychology Research Index describes research labs and how to participate in research studies or to become a research assistant.  Also check out Douglas Medin's research group: Cognitive Studies of the Environment.