Programs of Study

Joe and louise
Louise Egerton-Warburton and colleague conducting field work at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Photo courtesy of Robin Carlson.

Undergraduate Programs

The Environmental Science, Engineering and Policy programs encompass the Environmental Sciences major in Weinberg and the Environmental Engineering major in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in McCormick.  The Environmental Sciences major (B.A.) provides students with an understanding of how the natural environment operates, how it has been impacted by society, and how society attempts to mitigate the impacts. The Environmental Engineering major (B.S.) provides training to identify and design solutions for environmental problems.

The undergraduate major (B.A.) offered by the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences combines a fundamental background in mathematics, physics, and chemistry with courses applying these techniques to geological and planetary questions.  

The minor in Environmental Policy and Culture offers students an interdisciplinary course of study of the environmental focusing on the social sciences and humanities.  The program starts with two overview courses and continues with 300-level lecture courses and seminars.

In addition, students have the following options for designing an environment-focused program of study within established programs at Northwestern: the Plant Biology Concentration in Biological Sciences, the Environmental Chemistry Concentration in Chemistry, the Environmental Engineering Concentration in Chemical and Biological Engineering, the Environmental Engineering Concentration in Civil Engineering, and the Energy Materials Concentration in Materials Science and Engineering.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering supports research and teaching that enhances our ability to plan, design, construct, and operate society's infrastructure, design and control the behavior of materials, and sustain natural and engineered environmental systems.  Both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees may be sought in Environmental Engineering and Science.

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences offers an interdisciplinary graduate (Ph.D.) program focused on both deep and surficial planetary processes.  Areas of research include plate tectonics, seismology, mineral physics, planetary science, sedimentology, geochemistry and paleoclimatology/paleoceanography.

The Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation (M.S. and Ph.D.), a collaboration between Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden, provides a foundation in plant ecology, evolution, and biology and in applied plant conservation theory and methods.

The Master of Project Management Program offers an M.S. degree that prepares technically qualified individuals for responsible management roles in the construction and operation of major engineering projects.